Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Muslims in Love"

Zerina Usman's take on my bio:

Zahra never dealt with dating and breakups in high school. She believes Islamic etiquette between the sexes kept her focused and emotionally un-entangled. Now a law student, the pragmatic Zahra remains dedicated to her career goals, only considers men who can handle her ambition, and watches her Muslim friends, one by one, succumb to cupid's arrow.

(Disclaimer: that is a terrible picture! Though, I should be able to tell my insecurities to shove it. I'm working on that.)

Check out the in's and out's of this amazing documentary project by a friend and creative activist at Muslims in Love. I've been told you can hear my voice somewhere in the trailer! And if you're interested in seeing the whole documentary, email the director!

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