Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ice Cream Cartons

The world is coming to an end, or so it seems.

I think I just suffered thru one of the longest days, of the year. The straw that broke the camel's back arrived at Safeway about an hour ago. I might blog about the rest of the day later, but here's what you're getting for now:

I needed milk and bananas. Nothing else. However, I saw the ice cream sale signs. So I thought I'd take a look. Dreyers' was the featured brand; $6.49 a carton. However, if you bought one you'd get a 2nd one for free. Sounds great, right?Except the cartons looked funny. Something was off. Either all of my gym going had distorted my ice cream visions or something was wrong. They looked shorter and pudgier.

What? No. It can't be. I've been eating ice cream religiously since my early days in this world. How could I not remember what a carton was supposed to look like?

And then it hit me. Look at the Breyers' and Safeway cartons to compare. Sure enough, something was wrong. Approximately 80% of the containers were "1.5 L" in size and the other 20% were "1.75 L" - needless to say, the 1.75 L containers reminded me of my childhood while the 1.5 ones made me think "omA! The world is coming to an end."

Maybe it is, because I was able to find this when I got home:

Grocery shoppers have come to expect certain sizes in cans and bottles, but a check of three Edmond grocery stores found some changes in packaging. For instance, Breyers Ice Cream recently shrank the size of its cartons from 1.75 quarts to 1.5 quarts. The manufacturers of Edy's Ice Cream have followed suit. The change comes down to a choice of making the products cost more or creating a container slightly smaller and maintaining the same price.

Source: The Oklahoman


Nadia said...

thats hella shady

but i still love breyers.

Moo Po Ice Cream said...

You are weird. Needless to say, I still am feed up waith this whole ice cream carton shrink!!!