Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Local Muslim Leaders See Portland Terror Plot Arrest As Possible Entrapment

San Jose: Local Muslim leaders said Monday they were concerned the Portland terror plot arrest over the holiday weekend could be possible entrapment by the FBI.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Interracial Love

Nadeah: "With more intermarriage, the world becomes more tolerant."

Yousef: "There is tolerance, then acceptance, and then the final jump: making family together."

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Imperialist Barbie: The Case Against Rimah Fakih

When I see Rimah’s smiling face being carried into the air Iremember Iraq; I remember coming to terms at such a young age with the idea of war. I revive the knots which built upon one another in the pit of my stomach as I sat listening to the screams and cries, the wailing and supplication – through the haze and noise of a television screen. I remember the ashen children being carried into the air by their tormented parents. I remember the anguish, the hurt and the harrowing shame.

Rimah Fakih is the product of our shame, that of the Arabs. This is what is being promoted as deliverance for our occupied and subjugated people. The idea of uniformity and acceptance is touted and accepted without reluctance – we fear the sting of the slave-masters whip to such a degree that we ignore, brazenly, the cries of our brethren for help.

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