Friday, July 18, 2008

Loving San Francisco

I will admit this city took some time to grow on me. However, two years after moving here I have come to terms with the fact that I'm madly in love with this place. What's not to love?

  1. The hijab friendly weather
    • Summer? What's that? You can still find long sleeved shirts available for purchase here in mid-June.
  2. The public transportation
    • It costs me $6/round trip to work, in Oakland, every day. With gas, insurance, parking, idiot drivers and bridge toll costs to consider, this is definitely a bargain over driving.
  3. The diversity
    • When walking thru a "strange" area you get more "Salaams!" (from Muslims and non-Muslims) than stares, you can't help but to be happy about the world.
  4. The politics!
    • OK, I'm not sure how much the other items combined even compare to this. If I wasn't sure about my love affair prior to reading this story, after reading it I'm now ready to make a lifetime commitment to this crazy place:

San Francisco voters will be asked to decide whether to name a city sewage plant in honor of President Bush, after a satiric measure qualified for the November ballot Thursday.

Backers of the measure, who for several months circulated a petition to place the measure on the ballot, turned in more than 12,000 signatures on July 7, said organizer Brian McConnell. The Department of Elections on Thursday informed those supporters, the self-proclaimed Presidential Memorial Commission, that they had enough valid signatures - a minimum of 7,168 registered San Francisco voters - to qualify for the November ballot.

McConnell, who came up with the idea over beers with friends, often donned an Uncle Sam outfit to drum up support for the petition. The all-volunteer group of signature gatherers often carried around an American flag and blasted patriotic music from a boom box to attract attention. He said the campaign to pass the measure will be an equally grassroots effort.

The measure, if passed, would rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant the George W. Bush Sewage Plant. McConnell said the intent is to remember the Bush administration and what the group sees as the president's mistakes, including the war in Iraq.

Some people aren't laughing, including the San Francisco Republican Party, which sees the measure as an embarrassment, even to this famously liberal city. Chairman Howard Epstein has vowed to fight the measure with all means available to him.

A White House spokeswoman, when asked about the measure several weeks ago, refused to comment.

What's not to love? SF Gate


Anonymous said...

i dont think bush deserves such an honor

Anonymous said...

i remember cracking up when I saw this story on the evening news! ... can u imagine? officially in history it would be known that the Bush Administration was sooo bad that sewage plant was named after it... ROFL - classic! I VOTE YES!

Anonymous said...

i saw one article that said "republicans think the idea stinks." ROFL

Marya Bangee said...

i got to admit, that's pretty brilliant.

don't make san fran your home, come back to LA!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I completely agree with you falling in love with SF. We all said that you were a closeted SF-er. And I must admit, I can see how you have converted to a NorCal girl since people here in OC are so bubbled up and are too afraid to step outside of it.

Second, as for naming the sewage plant in honor of Bush, I think that's what makes SF even greater. :)

Third, you have to come back to SoCal either way. We need to revolutionize the OC bubble!

Omer Subhani said...

San Fran is awesome. I visited once and loved the summer weather. It def beats South Florida, that's for sure.

neems said...

Part of me thinks it's awesome, but part of me isn't sure it fits. Think about it: a sewage plant cleans shit up, while GW just produces it.