Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm in Love, Again!

Maybe I need to stop saying it so often. People may think things...

Anyhow, I'm absolutely in love with the new NYC Subway Car Dawah Project! Check it out: as little as a $48 donation will help sponsor a dawah poster in an NYC subway car this Ramadan!

Think about how often we will drop $50 over the course of the weekend? $15 for a movie, $10 for parking and $25 for a wedding present or dinner. :-\

This is $50 that will go soooo much further! It's something other religious and political groups have been doing for ages; it's our turn!

What better way to prep for Ramadan?

I linked to the video in the Muslamics post, but I'm linking it here again. I can't embed it, but it's definitely worth watching!

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Nadya Aweinat said...

check out this article about it: