Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Second Job

I've been toying with the idea of a second job for a while now. The non-profit legal sector pays the bills, but just barely. It likely won't work out given the weekend travels and such, but I thought I'd still check to see if I found anything worth applying to. I think I may have:

Reply to:
Date: 2008-07-02, 11:19AM PDT

[Apartheid] Israel and Jewish Peoplehood Commission Coordinator

[Apartheid] Israel and Jewish Peoplehood Commission Senior Planner

Assist with management and coordination of the daily activities of the Jewish Community Federation’s [Apartheid] Israel and Jewish Peoplehood Commission operations, including the Federation’s [Apartheid] Israel Office . Provide administrative support for the Senior Planner, staff and lay leadership of the Peoplehood Commission.


General Administrative Assistance:

• Word processing: write drafts of meeting minutes, memos, letters, grant summaries, mail-merge, labels
• Mailings: prepare and mail correspondence to commission members
• Filing: keep files organized/accessible for supervisor; create new files and filing systems when required; keep existing files current; file incoming/newly generated material as appropriate.
• Phone reception: provide information/referral over phone; perform switchboard relief when necessary.

Assist with Communications and Coordination with JCF’s [Apartheid] Israel Office:

• Faxing or preparing emails to the [Apartheid] Israel Office as needed for ongoing communication.
• Filing and tracking correspondence from [Apartheid] Israel Office related to accounting and expenses.

Assist with Management of JCF San Francisco [Apartheid] Israel and Jewish Peoplehood Commission:

• Maintaining close communication with Accounting Department. Set up for meetings including ordering catering, creating and maintaining name cards, entering meeting set up forms, supervising meeting set up.
• Take notes at meetings and draft minutes.
• Help to draft operating budget

Visit Coordination

• Help to develop and coordinate itineraries for overseas visitors
• Help to develop and coordinate itineraries for consultation visits overseas
• Staff overseas visits
• Responsible for overseas visits follow-up including paying invoices, billing participants

PostingID: 740472422
Any volunteers to help me tailor/polish my resume and draft a cover letter?


Angie said...

I think Zahra's losin' it.

Sarah Al-Habib said...

I agree Angie, but it would be great to see her sabotage their work ;)

Anonymous said...

I doubt this job is any more haram than working in banking/finance.

Anonymous said...

it's perfect for you, zahra!

sumaya said...

LOOL! I love it. Go for it!!

Can I read your cover letter? I'm curious to know what you could possibly say that would make a good first impression. :D :D :D