Sunday, August 24, 2008

Desi Aunty Story

At a party on Saturday night, enjoying my last night in Southern California, I encountered a fabulous aunty. My conversation with her was so OUTRAGEOUS, that I can't help but to want to share:

Aunty: "Zahra beta, when are we going to hear your good news?"

Knowing full well what she was attempting to hint at I said "well aunty, I'm insha'Allah graduating from law school this coming May."

Aunty: "beta, thats not good enough news for us."


Marya Bangee said...

Hahaha. Poor Zahra. :)

Remind me to share some horror stories from the UK.

Anonymous said...

and once you get married, the good news they will ask about refers to having kids.

and although you have a fabulous law career fighting for the rights of indigent communities, good news will only come when you have kids.

and once you have kids, the good news will be when your kids will get married.

its a vicious cycle.