Monday, February 11, 2008

Top Commanders & Officials ...

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A senior Taliban commander was wounded and arrested by Pakistani forces as he tried to slip across the Afghan border into Pakistan with a small band of men, the Pakistani military spokesman’s office said Monday.

The commander, Mansoor Dadullah, is the brother of one of the Taliban’s most prominent and brutal operational leaders, Mullah Dadullah, who was killed last year. Mansoor Dadullah is not of the same stature within the Taliban.
Full Story: NY Times

Here's what I'm trying to figure out: we've been at this war on terror business for 6+ years now. Every few months (sometimes more often) we get news about another top or key official from a terror organization being captured. Who are these men? And how many key officials did Al Qaeda and the Taliban have? Isn't everybody stuck at Guantanamo a key Al Qaeda official? And have you seen how small Afghanistan is? Given it's relative size and the fact that they did not have power over all of Afghanistan, how many top leaders did they need?

This is getting ridiculous. It's bad enough our money is being spent on an imaginary War on Terror. The US and their allies conducting this imaginary war in an inefficient manner, simply adds insult to injury.


The Avatard said...

I could debate it with you, but first of all, al-Qaeda is cellular, so there are many top leaders in there. Of course, nothing like Afghanistan has ever happened before, and I wish I could explain Afghanistan to you more, but I think I'll take up the entire comment box. If you want to know the details on Afghanistan. I think that you can find my e-mail somewhere on my page, if not... i dunno, tell me that somewhere in your next blog entry. you have a very intresting blog, and you're very intelligent (or at least it looks like that in your posts)m but Afghanistan is very complicated and one short blurb certainly does not give the crisis any justice.

Affad Shaikh said...

complicated,whats complicated, th US funded one extremist in order to fight it with another?

Or wait that Afghanistan is this tax vacuum that we seem to be putting all our borrowed money into?

There really isnt anything complicated about Afghanistan, the only thing complicated about Afghanistan is the how the analysts who work for the government got the jobs they got and why they got them, and how we plan to get rid of all of them because they seem to be inept.