Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fake Plaques Sent to Lawrence Police for Being 'Corrupt'

Once more, I almost fell out of my chair laughing . . .

LAWRENCE — They were real looking enough. Three wooden plaques each embossed with a gold police shield, a small gun piece and each engraved with an officer's name.

But these "plaques" sent to the police department Sunday were no awards. They came from a bogus address in Puerto Rico, supposedly sent from a former assistant district attorney and were in recognition for the officers being "corrupt." They were dated "9-11-2007."
. . .
Lawrence police also notified the postal inspector in Boston. The sender could face federal charges for using the U.S. Postal Service "to threaten, harass or intimidate," Romero said.
Full Story: Eagle Tribune

I want to be happy. I want to think to myself, "yay! Some cops finally had the roles reversed on them and now know what it means to feel intimidated or threatened." However, I'm not quite there. I have a hard time believing receiving a plaque compares to 'driving while Black' or 'flying while Muslim' or heck living while poor or 'of color.'

If it's not the first time these folks have been called corrupt, I've got an inkling the accusations are based in seeds of truth.

...still laughing at the idea of these cops feeling intimidated by a plaque!

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Roast A Pig said...

Ha Ha, I heard about that. It was totally funny. The cops can't even take a joke. They are trying to find the guy and arrest him. I don't know what they are planning to charge him with. I am sure the crooked pigs will make something up.