Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day?

(No, I do not actually celebrate this religious turned corporate fiasco of a holiday.)

February 14, 2008
To: Michael Chertoff, Chief, Homeland Security
cc: President Bush, Congressional leaders, and members of the media

Dear Michael Chertoff, Chief, Homeland Security

I am asking you in the name of decency to stop the ICE raids at the homes and workplaces of the immigrant community. No family should have to endure armed squads bursting into their houses with shotguns and automatic weapons drawn. One's home should be a place of security and peace. Children should not be left alone or have to lose their parents through raids at their work, resulting in depression, traumatic stress disorder and separation anxiety. Children should live with love and joy. This is what America stands for.

This Valentine's Day, please have a heart and STOP THE RAIDS!

Zahra Billoo

(Folks send your own letter ASAP, by clicking HERE. Do it for the kids. It'll only take a couple of minutes!)


Sarah:) said...

Yeeaaah! That's awesome !

Will do Jazaky Allahu khayran for one of the many ways to get involved. Btw, I love what you did with the place :)

The Avatard said...

So, what do you believe should be done to return illegal immigrants....