Monday, January 14, 2008

Kucinich Kicks MSNBC In The Face

People are sometimes surprised and even upset that I haven't yet jumped on the Obama wagon. I'm not saying I won't, just that I haven't. It's really simple actually: I can't get over Dennis Kucinich. As Presidential candidates go, he's FABULOUS.

He is, right on:

  • The WAR
  • Palestine
  • Social Welfare
  • Civil Rights
  • The Patriot Act
...and the list goes on.

"But Zahra, he doesn't have a shot in heaven!" You're right. His chances aren't slim, they're anorexic. "So why stick with Kucinich then?" Ask me another day about rape vs. date rape, but in the meantime it's because he is bringing THE ISSUES to the table. When was the last time Obama or Clinton said something appropriate about Palestine? Or have you heard Paul on immigration?

Everybody is scared of Kucinich because Kucinich is getting folks to talk about what matters. He is raising the issues ...

Today's good news: MSNBC tried, but will not be able to lock Kucinich out of the upcoming debate!
Senior Clark County District Court Judge Charles Thompson said if Kucinich is excluded, he'll issue an injunction stopping the televised debate.

The judge sided with a lawyer for the Ohio congressman, who says debate host MSNBC at first invited Kucinich to take part and then told him last week he couldn't.
Full Story: Associated Press


Huda Shaka` said...

High-five Z for not jumping on the Obama band wagon!

Nadia said...

Zahra I totally agree with you. Muslims should wholeheartedly support this candidate. Even if he does not have a chance, by showing our support for him & his stances, we are sending a message about what our community stands for. Also the more support he gets, the more pressure it puts on other candidates to push a progressive agenda. said...

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Amal said...

assalamu alaikum, I like kucinich and ron paul definitely not obama