Thursday, January 24, 2008

4th Amendment

Today's Criminal Procedure reading included the Accidental Tourist's Guide to Maintaining Privacy Against Government Surveillance. Yes, it's somewhat old but if you're a Muslim or political activist (sadly) it still very much applies to you.

To maintain privacy, one must not write checks or make any phone calls. It would be unwise to engage in conversation with any other person, or to walk, even on private property, outside one's house. If one is to barbecue or read in the backyard, do only if surrounded by a fence higher than a double decker bus and while sitting beneath an opaque awning. The wise individual might also consider purchasing anti-aerial spying devices if available (be sure to check the latest Sharper Image catalogue). Upon retiring inside, be sure to pull the shades together tightly so that no crack exists and to converse only in quiet tones. When discarding letters or other delicate materials do so only after a thorough shredding of the documents (again see your Sharper Image catalogue); ideally, one would take the trash personally to the disposal site and bury it deep within. Finally, when buying items, carefully inspect them for any electronic tracking devices that may be attached.
Scott E. Sundby, Everyman's Fourth Amendment: Privacy or Mutual Trust Between Government and Citizen? 94 Colum. L Rev. 1751, 1789-1790 (1994)

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