Thursday, January 10, 2008

Forbidden Love: My Favorite Thus Far

I know you've all been bombarded with emails about the fabulous films competing in the Link TV competition. And subhana'Allah they are all amazing. While I posted one of my other favorites at Muslamics a few days ago, Forbidden Love (below) got the highest ranking from me! It's funny, most everybody can relate to it and the ending is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

This film is the best in its category- definitely!

Marya Bangee said...

nadia is sooo amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

There was nothing wrong with the video, and the ending was very nice, as you said. But practically speaking, if she had wanted privacy and there was no place to pray privately on-campus, she could've prayed in her dorm or at her house, so there was no need to try praying in all those places. Especially the bathroom, haha. But maybe I'm missing part of the point or something :p

- K

Anonymous said...

Hasna is my roommate!
(and she's a super cool filmmaker)

Nazia K

Anonymous said...

the video was really good. you can tell that this kind of stuff does happen at school. i LOVED the ending too. thnx