Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adding this to the List of Reasons I Will Not Be Buying a Diamond

The Kimberley Process certification scheme, which aims to stop the use of diamonds to fund conflict, is failing, according to a campaign group. Global Witness pointed to the smuggling of diamonds from Ivory Coast and an alleged massacre of diamond diggers by the military in Zimbabwe last year. The rights group, which lobbied to set up the scheme in 2003, says it is not being adequately enforced.

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Umarah said...

so what'd you end up getting??? I looked and looked for an alternative stone....but I didn't want a colored stone and then I realized other stones aren't made for the durability of wearing everyday as you would with a wedding I went with an artifically created diamond. Another option is going vintage. The stone has already been mined and is out there so resuse, recycle, reduce!