Friday, July 10, 2009

"Labourers are no longer welcome"

And we thought the condition of workers in the US was bad? This is embarrassing.

Labourers are no longer welcome as patrons at Al Bawadi Mall on weekday evenings and at weekends.

They have been banned after complaints from the public about women being harassed and other “unsightly” antisocial behaviour, according to the mall’s management.
. . .
“A ban like this makes us feel like we are subhuman,” said Iftikhar Hussein, a 24-year-old Pakistani construction worker.
. . .
The mall is considering building a mini-mall behind the main mall that will cater to the needs of labourers as the mall is located in an industrial part of the city where many labourer accommodations are located.
“We are human beings dealing with human beings and realise that labourers also have shopping needs,” Mr Shraim said.

“We are considering building a mini-mall for them with stores that sell less expensive items that they can afford on the minimal salaries they earn.”
Source: the National

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