Friday, April 11, 2008

WooHoo: California Supreme Court & Living Wages!

The California Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal aimed at overturning a city ordinance requiring hotels near Los Angeles International Airport to pay workers a so-called living wage.

The court announced Thursday that it won't consider the appeal by a group of hotel owners, effectively clearing the way for the ordinance to take effect within 30 days.

The ordinance requires 13 hotels to pay employees $9.39 an hour with health insurance, or $10.64 an hour without the benefits.

Ruben Gonzalez, executive director of the Hotel Association of Los Angeles, said the association was considering its options but declined to provide further details.

Los Angeles Alliance of a New Economy spokesman Danny Finegold said he hoped the hotels will abide by the ordinance but acknowledges they could seek a ballot referendum.
Source: SF Chronicle

Yay for living wages. Though it never surprises me, it does still sadden me that 1. any decent human being would fight for the right to pay another human being POVERTY wages and 2. that hundreds of people continue to patronize these abodes of oppression.

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