Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SEIU Paid Summer Internship

I participated in an older/parallel version of this program in Summer 2006, right before I started law school.

It was by far one of the best summer jobs I've ever had.

It's an amazing opportunity for activism, growth, learning, etc. and you're getting PAID to do social justice work.

Need I say more?

Service Employees International Union:
Social Justice Summer Internship Program

Do you care about social and economic justice?

Are you active on your campus or in your community?

Looking for a meaningful way to spend the summer?



What do union organizers do? Organize working people to fight for a living wage, respect affordable healthcare, and a voice at work and against low pay, sweatshops, and discrimination.

Interns learn the strategies SEIU uses -- from direct action to political action, door knocking to the newest media and technology. Interns also learn how SEIU builds community coalitions and national campaigns to empower working people and expose unjust employers.

Who does SEIU organize? Workers in healthcare, property services, childcare, education and other fields. With 1.9 million members - 56 percent of them women and 40 percent people of color - SEIU is largest, fastest growing, most diverse union in the country. SEIU represents more immigrants than any other union and welcomes gays and lesbians as members and staff.

Students tell us their SEIU internships helped connect course work to the real world and make their campus and community activities more effective.

TO APPLY: email your resume and a letter explaining why you want to intern with SEIU to intern@seiu.org or contact SEIU's academic outreach coordinator, CJ.Grimes@seiu.org, or 312-480-0267.

SEIU Internship Basics:

You'll work with some of the savviest, most experienced organizers in the country. Before assignment to a campaign, interns participate in two weeks of classroom and field training. Once on site, biweekly training sessions will help new organizers learn from their successes - and mistakes.

Interns receive a weekly salary starting at $460 per week, daily per diem, housing, and a transportation allowance or car, as needed. You must have a drivers' license. SEIU will get you to and from your internship site. We can also work with students to arrange academic credit. And, time as an intern counts toward seniority for those who come to work for the union later on.

Except in the movies, working for economic and social justice is rarely glamorous. You'll work hard, sleep little, and experience the joy of work that actually makes a difference.


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