Monday, March 24, 2008

On the Fence About Voting?

1. Voting means endorsing non-Muslim platforms and ideas.
"Choosing an option means that you endorse it only if there are better options offered. But if the other choice is worse, then actually you are endorsing the difference between this and the less harmful option. Take for example eating unslaughtered meat for a starving person. He is allowed or even obliged to do so, yet does it mean that he is endorsing eating unslaughtered meat? Rather, he is endorsing the difference between these options which in this case is saving his life. Saving his life by eating unslaughtered meat is good compared to starving to death."
2. Voting means integration which means eventually losing our Muslim identity.
"I agree that full political participations might lead to major problems for Muslims and we have to be very careful when stepping into this arena. However, ticking the box for one of the candidates does not mean full political participation."
3. We should focus on strengthening Muslim communities and establishing independent states.
"I think no one disagrees that the Muslim community needs to strengthen themselves and build their own organizations and schools etc. However, this is not an option that is incompatible with having party A,B or C in power. This is one matter and that is another, there is no contradiction between the two options. We can vote to select the best option while we are working for our community and our future."
4. Since voting isn't going to get us anywhere, we should abstain from it.
"...abstention from voting is actually indirect voting. Let me explain this by the following example. Imagine that 6 people were to vote for two parties named A and B. A says in his manifesto that he will legalise pornography, ban faith schools, kill 1000 Muslims, prevent Muslims from Hijab and other rights. While B said that he will legalise pornography but allow faith schools and kill 500 Muslims. 3 of us vote for A and 2 vote for B and Me as a Muslim believing that voting is kufr abstained from doing so. Then what will happen? A will win, however if I vote for B, then no one will win. So I participated in lessening the evil. Let us now say that we have 2 more people, either they vote for B or abstain. Abstention will not change the situation while encouraging them to vote for B, who will do all these filthy things, will mean that A will loose which means that we saved the life of 500 Muslims and had a chance to have faith schools and practice hijab!"
5. Voting will not bring Muslims to power.
"...who said that our aim in the near future is to bring a Muslim into power. Our realistic aim in the near future is to have a better person with a better system in power. It is impossible and impractical to think of having a true Muslim leader in the near future in most or even all the non-Muslim countries. Our ultimate aim is to help those who are better than their co-politicians into power."
6. Boycotting elections sends a message to politicians.
"...such boycotting will not be effective unless all Muslims do so. That is why, before we arrive at such conclusions a deep discussion with all Muslims involved in politics and other related fields should take place. It should not be an individual opinion of a single party or so. However, we should bear in mind that if a decision were taken to boycott elections, then we should be clear why we do so."
Full article: Islamic Awakening

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SA said...

Totally random point..

A speaker commented not too long ago whether Muslims should vote or not. And he said something along the lines of:

"If you had a choice to vote for one of Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allahu `alayhi wa salaams) Uncle. And the choice was between Abu Lahab or Abu Talib, which would you choose?"

And went on about something like choosing the the lesser of the two evils, even though they both are kaffir. :)

Thanks Zahra!
- Sarah