Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stand up for Higher Education in California!

Dear Chancellor Reed:

As a concerned CSU graduate and former CSSA Executive Officer, I cannot remain quiet during this period of turmoil within the CSU. I am concerned that the CSU's current internal struggles are threatening a great public university and genuinely harming its students, faculty and the state of California.

Middle-class jobs are disappearing and for many high school students an affordable, quality education is the key to their future. The inability of CSU supporters to collectively and cooperatively advocate for state funding resources has resulted in nearly unaffordable student fees, created overcrowded classrooms not conducive to learning or teaching, and produced very difficult working conditions for professors and lecturers.

It is crucial that we work to ensure the CSU is able to maintain its status as an education system that is viewed as one of the finest and most affordable for working families in the country and not one that is only remembered as having been that way once in the distant past.

I support the California Faculty Association and their demand for a decent contract with fair wages and better working conditions. Moreover, I also support their larger battle to return CSU to well-funded institution of yesteryear as faculty teach the students that are the future of California.

Zahra Billoo

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