Friday, March 16, 2007

4th Anniversary

We are approaching the 4th anniversary of the illegal invasion, of the "shock and awe" attack, on Iraq.

Please note, as of midnight PST on Saturday, March 17th, the illegal war in Iraq will have cost us over $408,938,000,000. And it continues to increase every second.

I don't know about you BUT . . .

I refuse to be party to this war.

I refuse to allow innocent civilians to be killed in my name.

I refuse to say nothing while men are killed for defending their homes.

I refuse to accept that war is the answer.

I refuse to believe gang raping women will bring them liberation.

I refuse to label freedom fighters, terrorists.

But most importantly I refuse to sit silently by, apathetic and complacent. I refuse to resign myself to the lowest level of faith (and humanity if you ask me) - disliking evil within my heart.

I refuse . . .

For those of you in Southern California:
Orange County
Los Angeles

And for those of you in Northern California:
San Francisco: Sunday & Monday
San Jose

insh'Allah (God willing) I will see you at one of these? And if you're opposed to the war, but aren't attending any of the protests - what are you are doing instead, to voice your opposition? To voice your anger? Your disagreement? Your conscience?

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Angie Ellaboudy said...

any updates on the SF protest?