Thursday, February 22, 2007

Words Cannot Describe . . .

. . . my outrage. Subhan'Allah.

Cortez added: "Green then placed himself between Abeer's legs to rape her. When Green was finished, he stood up and shot Abeer in the head two or three times."
. . .
The entire crime took about five minutes and the girl knew her parents and sister had been shot while she was being raped, the hearing heard.

AND so after reading that, maybe just maybe this will help calm your tears:


Affad Shaikh said...


thanks for the post on the youtube music video, it was very much needed, i feel that some one, some one out there is truly understanding the pain that i see and what i understand when i read things about Palestine. Very well done by these guys, i cant say how much of a fan i have become of these guys over the past three years :)

Anis Hoda said...

Salam alai kum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu!

Keep up the work sister. And keep those tears rolling. They are not falling in vain. Nothing can calm those tears, at leat not this fake justice system.

Sabr and someday inshallah time will come. Inshallah