Friday, February 16, 2007

Compilation of Folks Who Think I'm a "Militant"

The Stalkers at Militant Islam Monitor:

The Daniel Pipes Himself:

Pipe Line News:

Reut R. Cohen of UCI:

The Liberty News Forum:

Christians Under Attack:



Ironic Surrealism:

*Please note, the only original piece on this list is the Militant Islam blog. Furthermore, calling that an original might be a stretch given it's basically a Google search that was cut and paste together. Everybody else wrote at most 1-2 sentences and then linked to Militant Islam's website.*

If you're looking for the other side of the story:
1. Stay tuned as I'll be posting stuff on here.
2. And check out these blogs:
Angie at
Affad at
Marya at
Huda at

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