Monday, November 13, 2006


1. Do men who kill themselves for Allah get 40 virgins?
2. What does Islam say about homosexuality?

Funny. Last Thursday was one of the few times I have felt productive in the sense of Islamic work since arriving in San Francisco back in August.

I received an email looking for volunteers to help out with a field trip some students were taking to the Jones Street Mosque (interesting mosque, 5 minute walk from UC Hastings). I responded expressing interest.

So, after Torts I headed to the mosque. I prayed Zuhr and then went downstairs to the Community Room where the kids were. Sevim was at the front of the room talking to them, so I quietly took a seat in one of the empty chairs at the back of the room. That was short lived. She spotted me a few minutes later and called me up, before heading off to take a well deserved break. There I was, all by myself in front of 80+ high school freshmen. All of a sudden I wished I still taught Sunday School, I hadn't worked with a similar age group since March 2005.

The kids were visiting from a high school in Berkeley. And the portion of the program I was facilitating: an informal Q&A session. Reference the opening of this post for questions 1 & 5, respectively.

. . . Alhamdulillah. . .


Qamar said... like to know who is responsible for your randomness today. is that a personal quote ms. billo?

Bean said...

um wait did you ask those questions randomly? do you have a response?

Rafiq said...

when did you start blogging?

Affad Shaikh said...

wait how did you respond, i dont care about the randomness, you should have a response...some crazy, i told them to jump of a cliff sorta response. Gosh kill the best of the story why dont you!