Friday, January 02, 2009

Qardawi on the Situation in Gaza

“Hamas cannot give a truce for free. What is the use of a truce when I stop harming you, while you are killing me and besieging me? During the six-month truce, people in Gaza had not even the basic needs including food, water and fuel,” he said.
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“The people of Gaza had two bitter choices to have a slow death by blockade, or fast death by bombardment,” he said.

The scholar also urged Arab and Muslim countries to support the Palestinians in their fight against Israel. “It is the duty of all Arabs and Muslims to help the Palestinians whether by donating money, giving weapons, sending fighters, or boycotting the goods of Israel and the countries supporting it,” he said.

He also criticised the Arab League stance on the Israeli assault, saying the way the League dealt with the crisis was frustrating. “The Arab leaders have even failed to respond to the call made by Qatar to have an emergency summit to look into ways to tackle the Zionist onslaught on Gaza,” he said.
Full Story: Gulf Times


Anonymous said...

Salamou aleykoum wa rahmatoullah.

May Allah preserve Cheikh Youssouf ! He's a real scholar, following the old muslims schoolars...

ya Allah, fansourna ala al-qawmi al-kafirin !

Raffaello "Abu Idris"

Evan Carden said...

And yet somehow thousands of rockets and bits to make rockets made it into Gaza.

An odd choice for starving people to make.