Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My "Namesake" & Labor Sadness

Whenever I tell fashion conscious people my name, their eyes light up and they ask "ooh like the store?" To which I respond, "yes, like the store except with an H." And why not be happy to be related in name to a great store that sells cute, classy and relatively hijab friendly store at prices even I can afford?

Well, the universe gave me a reason...
Instead of respecting employees' right to join a union, since Fall 2007, ZARA has engaged in conduct which may have violated the Quebec Labour Code, including:
  • Firing four employees who supported the union at ZARA's Rockland Mall store in April and May 2008
  • Demoting two employees who led a union drive at ZARA's downtown Montreal store in August 2007
  • Holding anti-union meetings at three Montreal stores in 2007-2008, in one case telling employees that joining a union is "treason" against the company.
If you're as bothered as I am by this sad turn of events at a store that I and many other women love, you can take action by sending a message to the President of Zara Canada.
Subject: Respect Zara Workers' Right to Join a Union!

Dear Mr. Pastrana,

Zara is known as a progressive company on the cutting edge of fashion, but when it comes to respect for workers' rights, here in Canada Zara seems to be stuck in the 19th century.

As a Zara customer, I support the right of Zara workers to join a union and want to shop at a company that treats its employees with respect.
Respect Zara workers? right to join a union and commit to negotiating with them in good faith!

Zahra Billoo


the non-cho nadia said...

fuck yeah! don't let them smear your name with their stoopid union busting.

Vince the Dragon said...

I hear you bold, dignified Muslima, I will not shop at Union-killing stores. "They may have the market but we are the fashion"