Sunday, November 02, 2008

Favorite Quote This Week

Courtesy of Shazia Mirza, gracing Northern California with her comedic presence all the way from the UK:

"Muslim men don't want to marry me, because: I SPEAK."

What better way to capture last week's rishta indirectly requesting a female who did not posses a higher level education?


tahir markar said...

You're transposing personal beliefs. The ability to speak has nothing to with education per se. Well, not in the environments we come from at least. Because an education doesn't give us the right or ability to think outside of norms. In the old country(ies), that may be true. There the norms are challenged by knowing things outside of it, i.e. through an education. But a highschooler here will speak as loud as a person who holds a degree. in fact, to the dismay of many, sometimes even louder. Blah blah blah. Nice blog.

Zahra Billoo said...

Not transposing. I'm sarcastically examining the parallels, promoted by desi culture, between a woman's education and her opinions (i.e. her speaking).