Monday, October 06, 2008

Eid Present For The Traveller In Your Life

I couldn't figure out what to get my brother for Eid. He has everything he needs and is leaving the country in a couple of days. I, of course, resorted to fulfilling one of his few remaining American food cravings. 

However, if I had known about this earlier I think it would have been a hilarious present to him and his "friends" at TSA. These metal plates can be used to tell the baggage checkers what you really think:

Evan Roth designed these custom etched metal plates to show up on X-ray machines when your luggage is scanned at the airport. And let me tell you this, airport security loooooves a good joke.

Source: Geekologie
Hijab Flutter: Lena Khan

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Nedda said...

haha i love it. i should invest in one of those.