Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Help Needed at Masjid Al-Islam (Oakland)

Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullah
Please forgive the length of this email.

Many of you know of the Muslim community of MAsjid Al-Islam in East Oakland on
82nd and MacArthur Blvd. This is the community that Amir Abdel Malik and Imam
Musa came from. Several of us must have heard of it but never really went there
since they were the ones who came to our communities in Southern California,
MCA, SFo, San Jose...etc.

While they were coming to our communities, we never went to their masjid and
saw the community there. The Masjid Al-Islam community is a very small tight
knit community. They are simple, friendly, and very accommodating. While they
have these and many more qualities, they are not a wealthy community. They run
their own Islamic school a block from the Masjid. They also own a fairly large
piece of undeveloped land with a building between the school and the Masjid.
They purchased and paid off these pieces of property several years ago,
Alhamdulillah. They want to develop these properties and use them to make dawah
in the community (they have a lot of respect for the brothers and sisters
there),and generate some income for the school and masjid to reduce financial

Over the years, Masjid Al-Islam never really received enough funds to complete
repairs in the Masjid, the school, and the building. What ever they have
received, they used it for the repair and bills for the school and the Masjid.
Unfortunately, majority of the people are struggling to make a living and to
support their families. Alhamdulillah, there have been some brothers and sisters
who visited the community and have given a lot to help with the masjid expenses.
However, this has not helped with the completion of any of the properties. They
have been able to make their bills and sometime have delayed payment of their
bills due to the lack of funds. They cannot ask for large amounts of money from
the same people all the time. Therefore this e-mail appeal to help the

I have been visiting the community for the past few days and found that they
are being shy to ask for money. They have tried to have fundraisers at MCA but
the larger organizations had already taken up much of the wealth from the donor
community. The attendance was poor, and the few who came gave everything that
they could.

I was able to get a rough idea of what their needs are and the possible cost of
material. I would strongly recommend that people from other communities visit
the MAsjid Al-Islam community without any hidden agenda and see first hand what
happens there. The following list should give us an idea of their needs are:

In the Masjid,
Womens Bathroom: Needs to be remodeled (the mens wudu area and bathrooms was
all donated by one brother. The sisters bathroom has been long due): It needs
everything (double sink vanity, 25 sheets of tile board, two commodes, flush
tanks, faucets, shower area, 3 doors (two for stalls, one for main entrance)
with knobs and frames, tiles for the walls (tiles cover half the walls and
floor), Paint, lighting and ventilation. Pretty much everything.
The approximate total cost of rebuilding the Women's bathroom and wudu area
is $10,000.

Masjid Office: Needs repairs to walls, lighting, and paint.Estimated cost is
$1000. The office needs an office desk (can help get a good one from craigslist,
does not have to be new), complete desktop computer with canon image class
printer/copier (if you have something P4HT or better with CD/Dvd burner would be
sufficient), and four drawer file cabinet with a lock, one 6ft dry erase board.
These things do not have to be new but have to be in good working condition. One
license for Quick books and 20 licenses to Kaspersky anti virus all same version
(Frys had rebate deals for

Everything is needed in the kitchen. Walls, ceiling, paint, Refrigerator,
freezer, gas stove, counter, sink, disposal, shelving, lighting and ventilation,
fire extinguisher...etc.

Classrooms (Two):
all the electrical wiring needs to be redone. Currently it is a fire hazard and
is not being used. That by itself may cost close to $4000 I am not sure. The
walls and ceiling need around 100 sheets of drywall. $1500
My rough estimate is $10,000 for these two rooms.

The Masjid is trying its best to cut costs by looking for bargain deals for
their items. If anyone wants to donate specifically towards a certain item,
please mention what that item is. If anyone wants to take the item to the
masjid, then please co-ordinate and make sure it is something that the Masjid
needs. If you are taking anything to the masjid, please find out if they already
have it or not. Other wise it will go to waste. Make sure all items are clean.

Besides these expenses, The school needs $40,000 and $50,000 to be able to stay
afloat for the rest of the school year, InshaAllah.

The Prophet, salla Allaahu 'alaihe wasallam, said; "Verily, wealth
does not decrease because of charity." [Muslim]

Allah SWT has always provided and InshaAllah will continue to provide.

Please donate what ever you can. If you cannot donate then please pass the
message. InshaAllah, there will be reward and Barakah in whatever you can give.
You can make your checks payable to Masjid Al-Islam and mail your checks to the
address below.

Masjid Al Islam
8210 McArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA-94605
Phone: 1(510)-638 9541

Please note that this Masjid is on the intersection of 82nd and McArthur.
JazakAllahukhairan for your generosity.

Galib Haswarey


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