Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Database of Female Instructors in the Islamic Sciences

This (see below) made my day. It's time we got something like this started. It's 2008 and there are still Muslim organizations, knowledge institutions and madrassas without a single female instructor on staff and it's downright ridiculous. Please help out, and spread the word:

Assalamu Alaikum!

My name is Saad Omar and I am the Director of the Ghazali Project.. Having two younger sisters, I know how difficult it can be for sisters to find other sisters to study (for the sake of more private and intimate sessions that are not possible with male instructors). To facilitate this, the Ghazali Project is working on creating a database of female instructors in the various Islamic sciences such as tajweed, Fiqh, seerah, and other basic islamic disciplines, that will be organized by location (so students can find teachers in their area). (we are including Canada and the UK in this database)

I am looking for everyone's help to make this database. If you are a teacher or know someone that is qualified to teach, please send me the following information. As this information will be made public on our database, only send me information that you are comfortable making public for the student's benefit.

Full Name:

Email Address:

Cell Phone (Optional):

City/State/County (if you live outside the US, please email me directly to receive instructions on what to write):

Area of speciality (e.g. Tajweed):


Please spread this email on to others who may be interested in contributing! Please do not send a teacher's information without their permission

-Saad Omar []

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Ghazali said...

salam zahra,

thanks for posting this message!

-saad omar