Monday, November 05, 2007

"Why We Should All Become Muslims"

Well according to Dilbert, everybody should convert because:

Osama and his gang want to form a giant caliphate, essentially a world government run by Islamic law with an Islamic leader. But if 300 million Americans become Islamic, he’s not going to want us in the group because we’d be too influential with our relatively moderate ways. We’d be unsuitable as either an enemy or an ally. His best strategy would be to ignore us.
BUT would you be happy as a Muslim?
And it’s irrational to believe you would not be happy as a Muslim when you see plenty of practicing Muslims in this country who are perfectly happy with their choice. You would be happy with any religion after you got used to it, especially if all your friends joined in.
Full Piece: The Dilbert Blog

(Hat tip: Mike Yi)

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