Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Top Traffic Myths

If you know anything about me, it's likely you know about my sad-sad driving record. Furthermore, a few of my clients this summer were individuals who had fallen victim to some of these myths resulting in hundreds of dollars in penalties and suspended driver licenses.

It should be no surprise then that I found this MSN Money article on the 8 Top Traffic Myths to be both funny and interesting.

8 Top Traffic Myths
1. If the officer makes a single mistake on your ticket, the case will be dropped.
2. If the officer doesn't show up in court, you automatically win.
3. Red cars get more tickets.
4. You need a lawyer to beat a ticket.
5. If you get a ticket in another state, your home state won't find out about it.
6. You can make up an excuse to get out of the ticket.
7. A radar detector will ensure that you never get pulled over.
8. If you don't sign the ticket, it will be dismissed.

Check out the full article at: MSN Money

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