Friday, January 19, 2007

Reminder for Palestine Activists

Think you're doing enough for Palestine?

I thought I had escaped the Blue Star PR folks when I left CSULB. But this afternoon while on the BART, I was reminded that we are definitely not doing enough for Palestine. Can you imagine, the dang Zionists got to the BART! I can't go to school without being assaulted by Zionist propaganda?

My jaw literally dropped when I saw it.

Alhamdulillah that I was only on the train until the next stop. Imagine, if I were riding it to the airport or the East Bay? I think I would have puked.

I live . . . I breathe . . . I work . . . but most importantly I pray for the day when I never have to come across one of those posters again. I look forward to when maybe I will come across one of these on the BART:


May Allah (swt) grant the Palestinians (and all other oppressed peoples) victory over their oppressors!


Angie said...

that hello kitty one was awesome. amin 2 ur du`a' & see ya next wkend..

oh, and while ur prayin' for palestine.. dont forget the rest of the muslim ummah :)

Obi Asad said...

Amin to the dua. Amin indeed.

Roberta Davenport said...


Zahra Billoo said...

*Please note, this posting has been edited. Unfortunately some people on the internet do not understand the difference between literal and figurative language.*

Evan Carden said...

I'm coming to this late, through an external source, but I'd still point out that propanganda involves some form of dishonesty, otherwise it's merely a statement of fact. According to Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index, Israel comes in 44th, 4 above the US and (depending on how you feel about Turkish North Cyprus) either 14 (North Cyprus) or 19 (Kuwait) above the next Middle Eastern country. The major countries rankings are:

Egypt: 146
Iraq: 157
Iran: 166
Israel (extra-territorial) AKA occupied territories: 103
Jordan: 122
Lebanon: 98
Syria: 154


Oh, and also, no, I wasn't under the impression that you were really considering suicide because of this poster, that's just Militant Islam Moniter needing to grow up and learn to recognize emphasis for effect...
Turkey: 101